墨爾本華人浸信會中文學校,創校已有三十年,宗旨是服務華人社區,藉用粵語繁體字提供優質中國語文教育,傳揚基督真理,建立學生正確人生價值觀。現招聘低年級老師,於週六早上九時至十二時半在East Kew上課。有意者請發送簡歷至下列電郵。

The Melbourne Baptist Chinese School was established for more than 30 years, with the mission to serve the Chinese community. By teaching the traditional characters and Cantonese, we provide high quality Chinese language & culture, establis true view & values of life and uphold Christian faith & belief. We are currently looking for a teacher for the lower grade classes, teaching hours are on Saturdays 9am to 12:30pm in East Kew. For enquiries, please send your resume to email below.