第一學段: 03 Feb 2024 to  23 Mar 2024

二學段: 20 Apr 2024 to 22 Jun 2024

三學段: 20 Jul 2024 to 14 Sep 2024

四學段: 12 Oct 2024 to 07 Dec 2024

上課時間:逢星期六 上午 9:30 – 12:30

上課地點:Kew East Primary School, 35 Kitchener Street, Kew East, 3102

The school follows Victorian primary and secondary school system. There are 4 terms per year. 

Term 1: 03 Feb 2024 to  23 Mar 2024

Term 2: 20 Apr 2024 to 22 Jun 2024

Term 3: 20 Jul 2024 to 14 Sep 2024

Term 4: 12 Oct 2024 to 07 Dec 2024

School hours:Every Saturdays 9:30AM – 12:30PM

School location:Kew East Primary School, 35 Kitchener Street, Kew East, 3102

普通話課程 Mandarin Program



Mandarin Program is also provided for all levels. 

This helps students to master in Mandarin skills and have a smooth transition to a pure Mandarin environment for VCE level studies.

預備班 至 二年級 (粵語班)

PREP TO GRADE 2 (Cantonese)


Materials for these classes are prepared by our teachers in Traditional Chinese script. They are delivered in Cantonese to suit students with Cantonese speaking background. Students will learn elements of the Chinese language in a familiar and stimulating environment, building a solid foundation for studies in future years. 

*Minimum age to join Prep is 4.5yo. 

年級 至 八/九年級  (粵語班)

GRADE 3 TO GRADE 8/9 (Cantonese)

以粵語授課,幫助粵語背景的學生能在熟悉的語言環境下,提高學習興趣。 加強聽、說、讀、寫的能力,奠定良好的中國語文基礎。 教材取用香港繁體字課本及作業。

Chinese language texts based on the Traditional Chinese script from Hong Kong are used in these classes. Classes are conducted in Cantonese and Traditional Chinese. Students with Cantonese speaking background will learn in a familiar language environment. Interest in the Chinese language will be developed through class learning and other cultural or tradition based activities. This will provide our students a solid grounding in areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing of Chinese.

VCE預備班 (普通話班)

Pre-VCE (Mandarin)

以小組教學形式用普通話教學。 課程針對粵語背景學生在發音上的困難,配上普通話拼音,強調發音準確性,操練說話技巧,加強學生聽講能力,使學生對 VCE 課程有基本的認識, 並教授學生認寫簡體字。繁簡體並用 ,輔導粵語為母語,並已有語文基礎之學生在本校報考 VCE 。 老師按照維省教育部範圍自編教材 , 著重會話技巧,加強閱讀及寫作能力 。 

This level is for VCE foundation and some VCE related studies. Custom prepared material covering VCE CSL/ CSLA requirements is delivered in Mandarin to small groups and pinyin is taught. Special attention is paid to pronunciation accuracy, speech techniques and recognition of Simplified Chinese script characters. Areas that are generally deficient for students with Cantonese lan- guage background are targeted by this class to ensure they are ready to undertake VCE examinations in future years.

VCE考試班 (普通話班)

CSL/CSLA Unit 1/2, Unit 3/4 (Mandarin)

按照維省考試局設計中文為第二語言 (CSL/CSLA) 的要求範圍由老師自編一套合適教材,以主題教學為中心,輔導學生考VCE CSL/CSLA。 由老師自編一套合適教材。

Curriculum for this level is set in accordance with VCE Chinese Second Language / Chinese Second Language Advanced (CSL/CSLA) requirements. The curriculum is delivered around topic(s) chosen to fulfill the requirements of VCE examinations.